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THE DIAMOND GRADER offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your needs. When it comes to Evaluating Diamonds, Gems, or Precious Metals, and Wholesale Diamonds for Sale ... You can place your trust in our professional services. Once you try us, you will always stop here first.

An Overview of Our Services

  • Get your jewelry appraised compliant with USPAP for as Low as $50. Diamonds over 1.5 carats slightly more.
  • Let us sell Your Diamond for you on the Major Diamond Exchanges. We often obtain Settlement in 2 Business days.
  • Order a GIA Diamond through us WHOLESALE. See what your delivered price is on our Diamond Finder Page.
  • Repair or Repolish a Damaged Diamond. Cost varies based on the work required.
  • We help you sell your Miner Dore' Bars and Placer with our Seller's Mandate or Consignee Services. 
  • We make private written refining contracts with settlement in 3 Business days or less.
  • Get your Colored Gem Identified or Evaluated.  $25 to Identify ... $50 to Evaluate ... over 30 carats slightly more.
  • Get your Rough Diamond Parcel(s) Tested & Evaluated ... Will Travel.

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Wholesale Diamonds for Sale

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We would be happy to give you more details regarding our services. Please contact us at (702) 635-7926 or use our contact form.